Re: possible virus (header has xxx-1 in it)

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Mon, 5 Dec 1994 17:47:05 +1000

> Apparently a virus may be circulating on the Net. If you receive any
> mail (other than this message :-) ) with xxx-1 in its header, delete
> it quickly and make sure you didn't pick up a virus.

Unless you are running some kind of fancy (MIME compliant) mailer,
there probably isn't any way a piece of mail can hurt you. So I
don't think there's *any* piece of mail that can go through a
standard sendmail implementation and do damage when accessed with a
vanilla Berkeley mailer. (Excepting the possibility of emotional,
psychological, or cognitive damage, of course :-)

And if you don't actually *read* the mail, there should be no way
any it can damage you, regardless of the mailer you are using.
[ I won't *guarantee* this; there are probably some really idiotic
mailers floating around. Heck, all it takes is a line of code meaning
something like "if header contains xxxx-1, remove all accessible
files", and I wouldn't put it past someone to have put that in as a
debug option (cf. sendmail :).]

On the other hand, if you get sent something that's uuencoded or
binhexed or suchlike, DO be careful about unpackaging it (much less
executing any resulting files!).

Danny Yee.


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