Atlantean Adventures

Mon, 5 Dec 1994 00:50:56 +0000

Or should that be "Atlantan" adventures? Oh well.

Dan Foss, the world appears to still be here. At least for now, anyway.

The Gators clinched the SEC championship. Now we can finally go back and
give FSU the drubbing they deserve. Boy, I never expected to hear Mr.
Two-Bits' fight song in the Atlanta Underground.

The "Fembank" (oh, was that Fernbank?) museum bit the weenie. Should have
went to the Emory Art & Archaeology museum instead.

I met Mike Salovesh, Bob Graber, Sarah Hautzinger, Andrew Petto, Carolyn
Ybarra, Brad Biglow, and Lynn Maners "f2f" for the first time, if in some
cases rather briefly. Unfortunately, the gathered ANTHRO-Lers never had our
own informal gathering... but maybe next year.

A couple really good panels on electronic discourse, identity, information,
networking, etc. and technoscience - plus lots of others in other areas
which always interest me. The problem with the bloody meetings is that
there's always too much going on at once, and you have to resign yourself
to that fact if you're interested in all kinds of anthro....

A resolution was passed "condemning" Murray and Herrnstein's Bell Curve,
whereas a resolution was not passed which was to consign the editors of the
American Anthropologist to "review" their editorial policies - both of
which I am sure are soon to generate discussion on the list.

We (ANTHRO-L) became ethnographic subjects in at least two papers I was
aware of, and were in perhaps several more. Clearly, even people who still
consider this list a bit of a mystery at least think we're worthy of study.


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