Shirley and Sawa-yanomami-Singapore

Lynn Boone (lboone@TECHNET.SG)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 13:29:14 +0800

Dear members of all the anthropology list

Our names are Sawa and Shirley. We are students from the
Singapore American sc
hool. We are doing a project on the Amazon Indians, Yanomami. We would
like you
to help us for this project. We need the following things:

1. What the foreign influences on the culture were.
2. How these influences changed it.
3. Our evaluation of whether this impact waas positive
or negative.
4. How any negative influences could have been limited
or avoided.
5. If ther is anything we can do now to limit any previous
or continuing.

6. Implications for the present aand future to be
drawn from the influenc
ce of one civilizations for the influence of one civilization on
anotheer a
s we've seen in our research.

We hope that you could help us about these things.
We appreciate your help and thank you very much.

Sawa and Shirley