Mari and Sayako-masai-Singspore

Lynn Boone (lboone@TECHNET.SG)
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 13:05:26 +0800

students, Studi
ng English in Singapore American School. We are investigating about
"Masai" for
ESL assignment. I know you are busy. However, I would like to ask you
about Mas
ai. Could you kindly to give us some informations?
For example,
1. What is the most attractiveness of their tradition?
2. What is the religion, and how dose it influence to
the culture?
3. What the foreign influences on the culture were?
4. How these influences changed it ?
5. Your evaluation of whether this impact was positive
or magative.
6. How any megative influences could have been limited
or avoided?
7. If there is anything we can do now to limit any
previous or
continuing damage ?
8. Implecations for the present and future to be drawn
froom the dinflu
ence of one civilization on another as you have seen in
your research.
9. What is the environment like?
10. What kind of foreign affects does enviroment of
Kenya have?
11. How does it effect?
12. What kind of environmental ploblems does Kenya have?
13.How dose the government handle them?
I wish that you could answer with these questions. Thank you
very much.

Mari and Sayako