Hisamitsu and Tadashi-san-Singapore

Lynn Boone (lboone@TECHNET.SG)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 16:00:58 +0800

Dear Sirs, December
1, 1994
My name is Hisamitsu Furukawa. I am a sophomore student at the
Singapore America
n School. In my ESL Writing class we are doing a project on world
cultures. The c
lass is divided into pairs, and each one is doing research on a different
ous group. My partner and I are doing our research on the "SAN" people
from South
Africa. We have been looking for good resources on our project in our
school lib
rary. The library has some good information. However, there is not enough
tion to do the research for our presentation. Our teacher, Ms. Boone,
suggested t
hat we should ask someone who might have knowledge about the San people.
If you
have any information about the San, or if you know anyone who does,
please contac
t us. Our presentation is due December 8th, so we would appreciate
hearing from y
ou before then. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your
reply. "SAN"
people in South Africa.