Victor and Makoto-Maya-Singapore

Lynn Boone (lboone@TECHNET.SG)
Thu, 1 Dec 1994 14:02:45 +0800

working on the pr
oject called, "Indigenous Peoples Project." We are researching about
"Maya" whi
ch is one of the civilization in central America. We have no info about
them, the
refore, we want some info about "Maya" , so if there's anyone who has any
info ab
out them, please give us those info you have.
We need info like;
-Where they lived?
-How did they dress?
-What kind of language did they
speak? -When/ how/ why they became
-When/ how/ why did westerners gave
them social influence and envir
onmental influence?
-What kind of civilization did they have?
-How did they make pyramids?
-How are they different from the pyramids
in Egypt?

We are really looking forward you to give us many interesting information.

P.S....We'll be waiting for your letters. Please give us it's info as
soon as you
can. Thank you.
Makoto and Victor