Help: need reference on Call-Response

Eve Pinsker (U56728@UICVM.BITNET)
Sun, 19 Dec 1993 23:54:30 CST

I need a reference, preferably a clearly-written article, on
Call-Response in African-American oratory. What I'd like is an article
which includes a discussion of how call-response as a rhetorical
technique moved from African-American church oratory to political
oratory and then got into mainstream U.S. political rhetoric, including
use by White politicians. I need an article suitable for a 400 level
course in a Communications dept. I have to finish the syllabus in a few
days. Anyone who knows of such a reference, I would very much
appreciate the help. My e-mail address is (or on
bitnet, just U56728@uicvm). Sincerely, Eve Pinsker