Philosophy of Sci Discussion

Sun, 19 Dec 1993 20:52:29 -0600

The philosophy of science discussion has been enjoyable. Thanks for
sharing your thoughts, etc. How would something like
S. Goldberg's "The Inevitability of Patriarchy" fit into the
discussion? Or, perhaps it simply would not?
I am not an anthropologist (I have a friend who is an anthropologist:))
but would I want one to marry my daughter? Hmmmmmm, I'd have to
think about that:)
I don't know much about Goldberg's notions but I do understand
that his ideas about the inevitability of patriarchy first emerged
about 20 years ago, ?1974? and that a new book is due out this
last fall or early spring that includes critiques and his replies.
Happy Holidays. Hal