Re: Metaphor in Anthro

David Heller (daveh@PANIX.COM)
Sat, 18 Dec 1993 12:50:50 -0500

Funny That you mention metaphor like that. Very timely for me. I'm doing
a paper on the French school and how the metaphor of the organism is
passed on from Durkheim right on up through to Levi-Strauss. It is for
one of those silly core grad classes on the history of Brit/French Anthro.
Any Thoughts on this?


On Sat, 18 Dec 1993, Tim Trask wrote:

> Well put, Dan Jorgensen. It would be good to keep in mind, though, that
> when Aristotle said, "Poetry is a higher art than history," he was not
> claiming superiority for either history or poetry. Poetry involves
> more "artifice" or creativity, but history (and other social sciences)
> are not devoid of artifice themselves. Neither, I would say, are the
> hard sciences. When physicists call a collapsed star a "black hole,"
> they are dealing with metaphor. When they subsequently talk about
> going THROUGH that "black hole" to find an anti-universe filled with
> anti-matter, they have fallen into their own metaphor. Metaphor is a
> kind of knowledge that poets are better at than scientists.
> Tim Trask IN%""