Re: Pomoids

Mon, 13 Dec 1993 11:09:02 CST

D. Jorgensen's post proves, as usual, well worth reading;but he is too
kind. He mentions the pomo author who defends ownership of his own text
even as he attacks another author for doing likewise. Geertz attacks
others for characterizing culture metaphorically, then, in the very next
paragraph, straight-facedly begins producing metaphors of his own. This
is stupidity or hypocrisy; and since the perpetrators appear clever, it
probably is the latter. These people may manage to keep their faces
straight in public, but they are laughing inside. Not at science, which
they fear, but at readers who take them seriously. Those of you who
think there is more to postmodernism than adolescent nose-thumbing at
science and reality, please wake up: your "royal" writers are just court
jesters, and they are making you their fools. --Bob Graber