Position sought, vita enclosed (long)

Mon, 13 Dec 1993 16:52:08 CDT

Dear List Members:

I am writing to inform anthropologists about my availability
for an academic position and my qualifications and interests. I am
an anthropologically-oriented folklorist whose work addresses
central concerns in anthropology. My areas of focus include:
culture and conflict, ethnic identity, and performance studies. In
addition, I am deeply committed to teaching. Let me elaborate.

One of my concerns is culture and conflict. My dissertation
was an ethnography of singing of a border community in Northern
Ireland, and in it, I wrote about how both Catholics and
Protestants use singing as a means of conflict management.
University of Georgia Press is now considering the work for
publication. I hope to do further work, cross-culturally, on how
expressive culture is used to justify, exacerbate, or allay violent
conflict, and to teach on that subject.

I have been doing my work on ethnic identity in an area of New
Brunswick, Canada, where three cultures interact--Anglophone,
Acadian French, and Micmac. I am working with singers who are bi-
lingual and bi-cultural, and am concerned with how they juggle
being bi-cultural musically. I am also interested in how the
Miramichi Folksong Festival, which is put on by locals for locals,
influences these singers' expressions of ethnicity. I have written
two papers on these matters, one of which will appear in the
special book isssue of Lore and Language in January 1994.

As for performance studies, my Irish work is pretty

Finally, I am deeply committed to teaching. In an age of
resurgent racism, nationalism, and xenophobia, I see my mission as
teaching tolerance and respect for other ways of being, and
encouraging students to think critically and compassionately. Let
me also say one other thing: I have a broad knowledge of
anthropology and can teach a wide range of courses, including
introduction to cultural anthropology, fieldwork, peasants, ethnic
identity, the ethnography of speaking, and the history of
anthropological theory.

I hope that I have whetted your appetites for my areas of
interest and expertise. If you have no position open at this time,
please keep this information on hand for an opening in the near
future. Moreover, you may forward this file to colleagues who are
in need of someone with my background. Please feel free to phone
me at 812-857-3140, or e-mail to msteiner@ucs.indiana.edu.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Margaret Steiner, Ph.D.


1. Dr. Anya Peterson Royce, Professor of Anthropology and Vice-
chancellor for Academic Affairs, Bryan Hall, Indiana
University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405. Phone (812) 855-2809.

2. Dr. Martha Davis, Anthropology and Research Associate, Latin
American and Carribean Studies, Indiana University,
Bloomington, Indiana, 47405. Phone (812) 333-4622.

3. Dr. Daniel J. Crowley, Department of Anthropology, University
of California, Davis, Davis, California, 95616. FAX#(916)-752-

4. Dr. Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Department of Anthropology,
University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California,
94720. Phone (415) 642-3391.

5. Dr. John McDowell, Chair, Folklore Department, Indiana
University, 504 North Fess, Bloomington, Indiana, 47405.
Phone (812) 855-0390

6. Dr. Henry Glassie, Folklore Department, Indiana University, 504
North Fess, Bloomington, Indiana, 47405. Phone (812) 855-1499.

Curriculum Vitae

Evermann Apts. 109
Bloomington, Indiana 47406
(812) 857-3140


May 1988 Ph.D. in Folklore, minor in Anthropology,
Indiana University, Bloomington.

November 1977 M.A. in Folklore, minor in Anthropology,
Indiana University.

June 1975 B.A. in Folklore, minor in Anthropology,
Indiana University.



Spring 1994 Adjunct Professor, University of Indianapolis,
Department of Behavioral Sciences/Anthropology.
"Topical Seminar in Anthropology, A430:
Introduction to American Folklore." Graduate
and undergraduate students.

Spring 1983 Lecturer at Indiana University-Purdue
University at Indianapolis. Taught
"Introduction to American Folklore" to


Summer 1991 to present Developing a position paper on the recruitment
and hiring of disabled faculty for the Office
of Affirmative Action, Indiana University.

Fall 1989 to Fall 1991 Compiled bibliographic and resource materials
on culture and conflict, particularly in
Northern Ireland, for the Indiana Center for
the Study of World Peace and Global Change.
Funded by the McArthur Foundation.


August-October 1991, Studied inter-ethnic relations as manifest
every August 1986-1993 through music in the Miramichi area of New
Brunswick, Canada.

July 1987 Fieldwork in Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh,
Northern Ireland.

May to September 1983 Library work in Dublin and fieldwork in
Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh, Northern

January to May 1979 Fieldwork conducted in Newtownbutler, County
June to August 1978 Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, for doctoral
dissertation, "Aesthetic and Social Dynamics in
the Folksong tradition of a Northern Irish
Community." Field methods included
participant-observation, the elicitation of
song repertoires, and the conducting of
non-directive interviews designed to
investigate the social milieu in which songs
are transmitted. Data was recorded on tape and
in a detailed field journal.

1973-1974 Short-term fieldwork for class requirements.


March 1979 Presented singers and songs of Newtownbutler on
BBC, Radio Ulster.

June to August 1975 Worked as volunteer for In Touch Networks Inc.,
of New York, a closed-circuit radio information
service for the print-handicapped. Work
included the running of tape equipment and

September 1971 Produced a weekly program on traditional
to May 1973 music of the British Isles for WHCL-FM, the
radio station of Hamilton College, Clinton,
New York.


February-March 1994 Indiana Arts Commission Advisory Panel. Duties
include reading and making recommendations on
grant proposals.

July 1988 to Elected to Board of Directors of the
September 1990 Bloomington Area Arts Council, including one
year as Secretary.

September 1981 Research Assistant, Women's Studies Program,
to May 1982 Indiana University. Compiled bibliographies,
course development, and clerical work.

Papers and Lectures Presented

November 1993 "When an Other Meets an Other: I-to-I."
Presented at meeting of the American
Anthropological Association, Washington, DC.

June 1992 "Regionalism, Revival, and the Re-formation of
Community at the Miramichi Folksong Festival."
Presented at the International Ballad
Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

October 1991 "Acadian Participation at the Miramichi
Folksong Festival: Cultural Identity and an
Individual's Presentation of Self," co-authored
with Ronald LaBelle. Presented at joint meeting
of the American Folklore Society and the
Folklore Studies Association of Canada, St.
Johns, Newfoundland.

June 1987 "Coaxing, Coercion, and Cooperation During
Singing Events in a Northern Irish Community."
Presented at the National Meeting of the
American Conference for Irish Studies, Dublin,

November 1986 "Song and the Sense of Place in Newtownbutler."
Presented at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting
of the American Conference for Irish Studies,
Columbia, Maryland.

May 1986 "Men's and Women's Singing Traditions in
Newtownbutler." Presented at the National
Meeting of the American Conference for Irish
Studies, Boston.

May 1985 "Living Together: Conflict, Community, and
Expressive Culture in Newtownbutler." Presented
at the American Conference for Irish Studies
National Meeting, Tacoma, Washington.

April 1982 "The Role of the Stage Irish in American
Vaudeville: 1870-1900." Presented at a
conference on "American Folklore and Popular
Culture," held at Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio.

March 1980 "Victimization in 18 Non-Child Indiana
Ballads," co-authored by Barry Childs.
Presented at the Student Papers Conference in
Folklore at Indiana University.

March 1980 "The Roots of Conflict in Northern Ireland."
Lecture presented for the "Fireside Chat
Series" at Indiana University.


1994 "Regionalism, Revival, and the Re-formation of
Community at the Miramichi Folksong Festival."
In John Kirk and Colin Neiland, eds., Lore and
Language (special book issue), in press.

1988 "Living Together: Conflict, Community, and
Expressive Culture in Newtownbutler." In
Audrey Eyler and Robert Garratt, eds., Uses of
the Past: Essays on Irish Culture. University
of Delaware Press, 173-186. (Originally
published in Working Papers in Irish Studies
series, Northeastern University Press, 1985.)

1986 Book Review: "Puck of the Droms," By Artelia
Court, Indiana University Folklore Forum, 19:2,

LANGUAGES Reading, writing, and speaking fluency in
Spanish; reading proficiency in French.

WORK IN PROGRESS Continuing to research inter-ethnic relations
in the Miramichi region of New Brunswick,
Canada. Ballads, Bombs, and Brotherhood.
Folksongs Collected in Newtownbutler.

REFERENCES Available upon Request