Fur Trade Conference

Sun, 12 Dec 1993 15:29:15 -0400

Call For Papers
7th North American Fur Trade Conference
May 24 - 28, 1995

Traditionally, researchers have focussed upon the dynamics of the
trade in fur and skins before 1850. The perspectives of this
conference, while still maintaining that focus, encourages the
introduction of new methodologies and approaches in understanding
the evolving relationships between human societies and fur bearing
populations. Particularly, this conference wishes to offer
sessions that will bring the study of the fur trade into the 20th
century. We invite papers from those researchers interested in
areas such as Native Studies, Women's Studies, Ecology and the
Sciences, Comparative Studies, History, Anthropology, Literature,
etc., that explore European and Asian connections, mink and fox
farming, conservation, animal population, women's role, literary
perspectives, etc. In addition, as the conference will be located
in Atlantic Canada, we will plan a special session of papers
related to the Atlantic region.

Papers are invited from scholars and researchers, in the academic
and professional communities, from all field of study who are in-
volved in the research of the North American Fur Trade and related

A one page abstract with title, name of author, institutional
affiliation (if appropriate) should reach the conference organizers
no later then August 31, 1994.

Mailing address:

Barry Moody and Bill Wicken
Gorsebrook Research Institute for Atlantic Canada Studies
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, Nova Scotias
Canada B3H 3C3

Telephone (902) 420-5668
Facsimilie (902) 420-5530