Montego Cay Educational Retreat, Belize C.A.

Rob Berkelman (rberklmn@WELL.SF.CA.US)
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 14:24:42 -0800

Montego Cay Educational Retreat located 12 mi. from Belize City on a private
Caribbean mangrove island in Belize, is now available for visitors.
A rustic, (pre)historically situated cultural and ecological resource center
with a small museum, Montego Cay's special atmosphere is ideal for academic
groups, individuals, and ecologically aware families with children.
Off the beaten tourist track, visitors can experience life at a subsistence
based family-run lobster fishing camp. Montego Cay has been home for 20
years to Wendy Berkelman with a recent degree in Anthropology from UC
Berkeley, Luis Rosado, a Belizean lobsterfisherman, and their two daughters,
who have tried to create an alternative, sustainable and pleasant life.
Learn about marine life, reef, and mangrove ecology, the (pre)history of
coastal Belize, archaeology on the mainland, and contemporary issues
revolving around third world development and politics within a changing
global economy and ecology.
Homestyle accomadations for up to 35 students in small outbuildings or
Rates are $25 per person per day, including food.
Transportation is extra and depends on the size of the group.
Space available beginning late May 1994.
References, resume, or CV available upon request.
Please send all inquiries to
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