Related Lists

Wed, 8 Dec 1993 17:41:37 EST

For your edification, there are a number of related listserver lists
and newsfeed services which deal in anthropological topics. This list
is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to tell me about other ones.
As usual, send messages to antowner@ubvm. Thanks.


Generally, to subscribe to a list, send the command SUB list_name
your_name, to LISTSERV@address. If that fails, contact the listowner.
Each list has its own rules about who can join and post, but most are
open to all.

anthro-l General Anthropology List
address: listserver: listserv@ubvm etc.
owner: Hugh Jarvis and Ezra Zubrow antowner@ubvm etc.

arch-l General Archaeology List
address: arch-l@tamvm1.bitnet listserver: listserv@tamvm1.bitnet
owner: David Carlson carlson@tamvm1.bitnet

pacarc-l Pacific Archaeology List
address: pacarc-l@wsuvm1.bitnet listserver: listserv@wsuvm1.bitnet
owner: croes@wsuvm1.bitnet

aia-l Archaeological Institute of America List
address: listserver:
owner: Nick Eiteljorg

ethnohis Ethnohistory List
address: ethnohis@hearn.bitnet listserver: listserv@hearn.bitnet
owner: Fred Melssen u211610@hnykun11.bitnet

address: listserver:


You don't subscribe directly to these "lists". Instead, you must
follow your local operating system regarding newsfeeds.

sci.anthropology Anthropology Newsfeed

sci.archaeology Archaeology Newsfeed


ann Anthropology News Network (not a list, contact owner for info)
owner: Fred Skanes (Ann Rep)

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