Mob Scenes

Dan Jorgensen (dwj@JULIAN.UWO.CA)
Wed, 8 Dec 1993 06:52:49 -0500

I think Agnar's right! Beats me how anybody can deny that anthropology is
too crowded, and I surely would regard ANY reference to AAA as it now
stands as a really good index of this (*not* a refutation, eh seeker?).
Have a quick look at grad schools serving as holding tanks for the
soon-to-be-unemployed. There are other indications as well, including
signs of weariness from folks who host our efforts (I'll leave aside the
suspicions of their governments, which rarely invite my sympathy). I also
think the overcrowded status of library shelves provides a good index,
especially given the reluctance of anthropologists of all ranks and
stripes -- professors, practitioners, grad students, etc. -- to read very
much of it. So who says we need more?

(We may indeed get more -- in fact, making more is one of my ambitions --
but that's not at all the same as thinking that it's necessary.)


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