Re: Can you build subjectivity into a model?

Kathleen G Williamson (kgw@GAS.UUG.ARIZONA.EDU)
Sat, 4 Dec 1993 09:55:18 -0700

dear seeker1,
no argument here its very tuff stuff to do. and
tougher since its a first
time popular attempt that i know of in the long history of
western epistemology (maybe we should consult Sri Aurobindo on this, are
you out there Sri?). let's face it, we're just playing baby step mind
games here while the rest of humanity are out doing the real thing - ie
minding the rice fields. yes, I adamantly agree, very difficult, all of your
points are well taken.
but we are inescapably on the exploratory path which includes this "reality"
of subjectivity. what alternatives do you offer? don't you enjoy seeking
anyway? what else is there to do? we can't just say, oh yes postmodernism
has too many problems so lets go back to the illusion of positivism and
ignore the reality of subjectivity. accept it now or accept it later,
there's no going back, you'll never go Holmes again. [of course, one who
would propose that retreat would never word it the way I just did]. I'm
enjoying this chat and have already stated my view a number of ways -
sending this back to the e-universe for takers. still awaiting the
real Bayesians to jump in! and Riner, don't you have something to say?