forwarding message from Mitch Allen asking for assistance

Thu, 2 Dec 1993 00:22:23 -0500

I recently received this message which I am passing on to the
anthro-l list. I think such reviewing endeavors are important to the
intellectual development of the field.

I would like the assistance of anyone on the list who teaches a course in anthropological theory. I have received a proposal and two chapters for an undergraduate textbook on anthro theory that seems pretty good. If you teach such a class,
I would appreciate a review of this material in exchange for some free Sage

The textbook covers about 20 major theorists, mostly classical ones, though
some contemporary ones. Emphasis on cultural anthro theory though some archaeologists and linguists are also included. Each chapter gives biographical information as well as a brief description of the theorists' seminal contribution. The
final product should be about a 200-250 page paperback if we agree to publish
it, geared at undergraduates in anthro programs.

If you are willing to review this for me, or have some thoughts on what such
a book should contain, please reply privately to me at

Many thanks.
mitch allen
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