Adventurer Wanted! (fwd)

Patricia Clay (pclay@WHSUN1.WH.WHOI.EDU)
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 14:43:30 -0400

Thought this soul might have better luck on ANTHRO-L than FISH-ECOLOGY!

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> Hey there!
> My name is Jamie Alonzo and I am currently finishing my Masters
> work at the Univ of MD in Marine Estuarine and Environmental
> Sciences. Within the week I plan to drive to my field site
> near Managua, Nicaragua leaving from the Washington, DC area. I HAD
> 2 other people lined up to go (along with my dog) but at the last
> minute one of them cancelled. I am looking for an adventurous soul
> to share gas money on this once in a life-time chance! We are going
> to take around a month to drive down. Will go down the atlantic
> coast of Mexico, follow the coastline of the Yucatan Pen. and zig-zag
> around in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador(???) looking for Mayan
> ruins and eventually make our way to Managua. I know this is short
> notice but it really should be a great experience (and cheap!). Am
> sorta flexible on the time frame and could potentially pick up
> someone on our way down to Texas. Give me a call at home if you're
> interested (301 277 2361) as I'm so busy getting stuff together I
> won't be checking my email that often. Am also looking for peoples
> to come back with me at the end of Dec. If interested I can be
> contacted via email in Nicaragua at Pass
> the word and thanx! Later!
> --Jamie Alonzo

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