The Ethnography of Emotions

Wed, 2 Aug 1995 08:30:00 EDT

Here are some more references:

Robert I. Levy, Tahitians, U. of Chicago, 1973 (this was a path-
breaking book that prompted a lot of the subsequent work on
the cultural consturction of emotion).

Ethos, Special Issue on Self and Emotion, edited by Robert I. Levy
and Michelle Z. Rosaldo, 11(3), 1983

Catherine Lutz, Unnatural Emotions, Chicago, 1985.

Self, Person and Experience, edited by Geoffrey White and John
Kirkpatrick, 1985 (an excellent collection dealing with societies
in the Pacific)

"The Anthropology of Emotions", Catherine Lutz and Geoffrey White,
Annual Review of Anthropology, 1986 (here's the ARA review, it's
a bit older than suggested in eariler post)

A. L. Epstein, The Experience of Shame in Melanesia: An Essay
in the Anthropology of Affect, Occasional Paper No. 40,
Royal Anthropological Institute (an excellent short book/long
paper on shame as played out in a PNG community)

A. L. Epstein, In the Midst of Life, California 1992 (a more
recent treatement of several emotions among the Tolai--has
a critique in the last chapter of a lot of the cultural
construction of emotion stuff)

Unni Wikan, Managing Turbulent Hearts, Chicago, 1990 (includes
a critique of Geertz's portrayal of managed emotion in Bali)

Robert R. Desjarlais, Body and Emotion, 1992, Pennsylvania
(a recent treatment of culture, emotion, and experience in Nepal)

Culture and Depression, edited by Arthur Kleinman and Byron
Good, 1985, California (this deals more with "cross-cultural
psychiatry" but it has some essays that deal with emotion)

Culture Theory: Essays on Mind, Self, and Emotion, Cambridge 1984
(has several good articles, including Spiro weighing in on
the work of Michele Rosaldo)

Geoffrey M White, "Ethnopsychology" in New Directions in Psychological
Anthropology, Cambridge 1992 (a good balanced treatment of the
debate on how to regard emotion in anthropology)

I hope these are of interest--there is of course much more. The
list is roughly chronological, but a few things popped into my
head as I went along.

Steve Leavitt