foot-care symbolism

Tue, 23 Aug 1994 12:13:06 EDT

Greetings to all!
I am a visitor from Greek and Roman classics, and am woefully ignorant of how
one goes about tracking down scholarship in your discipline - whether it be by
e-, print, or other means (we have our *L'Annee Philologique*, TOCS-IN,
et al.). Specifically, I am interested in finding out whether there exist any
anthropological studies dealing with the feet as a locus of symbolic
transaction, e.g., the symbolic implications (social status, etc.)
of foot-washing or foot-annointing - the sort of thing I am looking for
at has more to do with that than with, say, foot-binding in China or the like
(Jesus' washing the feet of his disciples comes to mind). My reason for asking
is that in December I will be talking on this topic as it relates to Greek
literature, and it occurs to me that this is as much an anthropological matter
as a literary one.

Replies can be sent off-list, and I will be infinitely grateful for any ideas,
help, pointers, etc.

A thousand thanks in advance, and best wishes,

Randy Scholtz < OR andreas@yalevm.bitnet>