Re: John Stroebel's Post

David DeGusta (degusta@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU)
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 09:04:16 -0800

>I do not need your correction.
I did not correct you. I merely pointed out that the reburial issue
was controversial and that your viewpoint was not the only one. You're
entitled to your own views, and I did not suggest otherwise.
As far as I'm concerned, though, your analysis of the "reburial"
controversy is quite superficial and one-sided. You have "evil
anthropologists" with no respect for Native Americans going out and
grave-robbing to further their academic careers, while the courageous,
noble, and spiritual Native Americans (assisted by the "good
anthropologists") defend their ancestors. IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE! All you've
done is turn the traditional "Cowboy and Indian" movie, with all its
inaccurate stereotypes, into a "Native American and Anthropologist" movie.
The bottom line is as I said before: this is a tricky area. I don't
really have the time or inclination to debate specific viewpoints in this
forum. (After reading a lot of the literature, I don't think I have any new
ideas to help the situation, so I'm afraid I'd just become more fuel for
the fire.) I think it is important, though, to at least acknowledge that
it's a complex situation, and not just "the good folks against the bad

David DeGusta