On the two articles

Sun, 21 Apr 1996 21:46:00 PDT

To the question,

> Does anthropology as a
> discipline have any kind of insight into what is going on?
Calo responds:

"I, for one, am convinced it does, or rather, I am convinced it can, or might
be able to."

Calo's reply refers to what might be, not what is. That anthropology ought
to, or could, have insights into what is going on with the breakdown of
families as they have been traditionally viewed is not in dispute. But is
there any extant theory in anthropology that is applicable to this very real
problem? To put it another way: Is anthropology, as a science, without
insight on what are very real issues in our society, where the issues relate
to topics that are part and parcel of what anthropology has
traditionally studied?

D. Read