Re: Truth, Knowledge, Power

Sun, 21 Apr 1996 21:32:00 PDT

Carolyn replies:

"On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Read, Dwight ANTHRO wrote:
> Eleanor Macoby of Stanford commented "There's been this kind of suspicion
> until now that day care is somehow contrary to family values. I think we
> need to recognize that day care is a family value. It's a part of family
> life now." (I won't comment on the illogicality of that statement.) So

--Maybe Im just dense (don't address that please, :)) but I don't see why
this statement is illogical. "

Just because something is part of family life does not necessarily mean
that it is a part of family values. For example, divorce is a part of many
family lives, but that does not mean that divorce is a part of family values.
Day care may be a pragmatic necessity for many people, but that, by itself,
does not imply that it is a part of family values.

D. Read