Archaeology and anthropology of gender in art

Thomas A Dowson (tad@SOTON.AC.UK)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:06:27 PDT

Archaeology and anthropology of gender in art
Call for paper proposals

We are in the process of putting together a proposal for an edited volume on gender
and art in archaeology and anthropology. The current working title is "In our image".
We have developed four criteria which sum up the key elements we are looking for in
the various papers to be included.

1. The paper should be an analysis of a body of art (a collection or tradition for example)
that looks specifically at people/bodies/body parts, and which centres discussion
around specific images. Theses images must be publishable.

2. The interpretation should consider in some way the interplay between the way in
which the body or bodily images were constructed in the context of their production,
and the context/ways in which they are subsequently interpreted.

3. The analysis should go beyond an understanding of images in simplistic binary terms;
in particular we are looking for interpretations which go beyond the dualities of
male/female and sex/gender.

4. We want to include papers from a wide range of artistic traditions from different
parts of the world.

If you do want to contribute a paper please send us a page length proposal addressing
the way in which you paper will deal with the four points listed above. We would require
the completed paper by December 1996 for publication in early 1997. We have had initial
discussions with Routledge and Thames and Hudson. Please pass this on to anyone
you think may be interested.

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