madagascar references

Magnus Fiskesjo (fisk@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 00:46:03 CDT

David Mearns <d_mearns@BANKS.NTU.EDU.AU> asked about references to work on
Madagascar. have you tried any bibliographic databases? there are lots.
I knew of one recently published article, just out, that might interest you
(and I believe more are coming from the source of this one!), on Madagascar:

AUTHOR: Graeber, David.
TITLE: Dancing with corpses reconsidered: an interpretation of
famadihana (in Arivonimamo, Madagascar) / David Graeber.
IN: American Ethnologist -- Arlington, ISSN 0094-0496 v. 22,
2, 1995. pp. 258-278.
SUBJECTS: Ancestor worship--Madagascar.
Madagascar--Religious life and customs.
Kinship--Madagascar--Religious aspects.
Funeral rites and ceremonies--Madagascar.

(copied from ANTHRO on EUREKA).

Magnus Fiskesjo
U Chicago