Mary Irving (IRVING1200@DELPHI.COM)
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 01:17:59 -0500

For those on the list who are members of the AAA -- did you read
the resolution on disabilities adopted last November? We are
supposed to vote on it.
"It is moved that the American Anthropological Association, in
keeping with the American Disabilities Act, urges faculty to adopt
and apply an attitude of acceptance, adventure, collegiality, and
respect toward disabled persons in the attainment of their goals,
and commit themselves to becoming knowledgeable with regard to
disabilities through interaction with disabled persons (including
students), seeking expert input, and
reading texts outside of mainstream anthropology on the topic of

I can't very well vote "no", but I find it hard to vote "yes", for
all it really says is "be nice and read a little." It's not bad,
it's just nothing -- the proverbial "lowest common denominator."

Mary Irving <IRVING1200@DELPHI.COM>