Baudrillard (debate)

Kotliar (viomar@ATHENS.NET)
Mon, 1 Apr 1996 10:13:25 -0500

John McCreery makes some excellent points in his recent post. Those
quotations from Baudrillard remind me of the evening news in the US, all
the focus is on what is wrong with or negative in the world with less
attention is paid to what is right or positive. I do not know if the
quotations give an accurate view of the corpus of the man's work, but I was
not very impressed. They stereotyped "Americans" and "Europeans" in such a
broad way as to be almost farcical. The approach to social science seemed
atavistic, a through-back to the style of the worst types of theorization
of the past century. (Note to those going for their flame-throwers-this is
not to apply that all nineteenth century theorization was bad).