on-line excess

oecpc114@sivm.si.edu ("oecpc114@sivm.si.edu)
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 14:15:08 EDT

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From: oecpc114@sivm.si.edu (rachel)
Subject: on-line excess
Due to an electrical problem, I was unable to access my e-mail for a
week. As I am a subscriber of a number of lists, you can all imagine the
huge amount of mail I had to wade through when we finally got back
on-line today. Looking at several hundred pieces of mail in a row, I was
struck by how much--well, just stuff that shouldn't have been there. For

* a myriad of rude messages to those of us who are new to the network
and were foolish enough to warn people about the fake "Good Times"
virus, many obviously sent in after several had already been posted to
that particular list. How 'bout a general agreement that once someone
has alerted the crowd about a hoax, everyone else just nod silently to

* notes like "thanks for the information, John" or "yes, I'd like you to
send that to my office," personal mail that should clearly have been
sent directly to an individual. There are very few cases when a private
address is provided; PLEASE don't clog up the system with
private messages.

* lot and lots of reprinted pieces of previous mail- and I don't mean
the one or two lines being responded to, but whole letters pages long.
People can always refer back to a previous note if they're really

Of course there were also many nitpicking discussion (totally off the
topics of the lists), creeping flames, and other just annoying trends
that I suppose are all part of the joy(?!) of cyberspace. I don't want
to sound preachy, but really, folks, if you've ever had to read this
much mail at a time you'd see how bad it can get. Sorry to go on so