Re: Public Interest in Anthropology

Meredith Bruns (WVMPB@TTACS.TTU.EDU)
Sun, 23 Apr 1995 11:07:48 -0600

Hello, all,
Just a thought (as many of you know my area of interest here):

I'm wondering if our discipline's practitioners themselves would like to
offer suggestions for how THEY'D want to have themselves/their work
"communicated to the public"?

- I know many of us are happy with our unversity's News services, but many
are not. I know there's often a reluctance to talk with the press
directly. I'm fully aware of the danger of being 'misrepresented' by the
media, whose heads operate differently from ours.

- And I'm also aware of how "the public" is willing and interested to hear
about "what anthropologists do".

So how do we bridge this gap??

If WE were designing our ideal set-up for promoting ourselves, how
would WE do it?

And has anyone ever asked us?

Be specific.


Meredith Bruns
Center for Anthropology and Journalism