Re: Hurt Feelings

Tibor Benke (benke@SFU.CA)
Sat, 16 Apr 1994 11:07:59 -0700

Janette Wilson writes:

>I'm behind in reading stuff (I don't know how the rest of you keep up with it
>all) so I haven't read all the play by play that resulted in S.N.'s missive
>and then M.L.'s heartfelt apology. I hope that S.N. reconsiders leaving.
> This incident makes me wonder though -- if some one or even more individuals
> slams me -- is that call to leave a list (especially if I've belonged to it
>for a while) when there likely are a lot of lurkers who have enjoyed, maybe
>even benefitted from my contributions and when there are times when I have
>enjoyed and benefitted from others' contributions? The list is a lot more
>than just a few members. I'm not saying that we shouldn't behave profession-
>ally. What I'm trying to say is that if others slip from professionalism at
> one time or another, that is not call enough (to me, anyway) to drop out of
>an otherwise worthwhile list. Heck, I guess if somebody kept slamming me, I'd
> just delete that individual's missives and read and respond to the rest.
>(except I'm mostly a lurker)

I too lurk and I am always behind in my reading. I am also very sorry that
Stephanie has chosen to use her time to better advantage - I will miss her
even though she justly rebuked me once when I deserved it. On the other
hand, maybe this list ocasionaly calls for a more demonstrative response
then mere exhortation to profesional behavior.

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