Hurt Feelings

Janette Wilson (G1824303@NMSUVM1.BITNET)
Tue, 12 Apr 1994 21:04:21 MDT

I'm behind in reading stuff (I don't know how the rest of you keep up with it
all) so I haven't read all the play by play that resulted in S.N.'s missive
and then M.L.'s heartfelt apology. I hope that S.N. reconsiders leaving.

This incident makes me wonder though -- if some one or even more individuals
slams me -- is that call to leave a list (especially if I've belonged to it
for a while) when there likely are a lot of lurkers who have enjoyed, maybe
even benefitted from my contributions and when there are times when I have
enjoyed and benefitted from others' contributions? The list is a lot more
than just a few members. I'm not saying that we shouldn't behave profession-
ally. What I'm trying to say is that if others slip from professionalism at
one time or another, that is not call enough (to me, anyway) to drop out of
an otherwise worthwhile list. Heck, I guess if somebody kept slamming me, I'd
just delete that individual's missives and read and respond to the rest.
(except I'm mostly a lurker)