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> Blah Blah Blah!
> i recall a recent issue (Spring '96?) of FORBE'S MEDIA WATCH -- "Hyping
>the Gay Gene" -- which noted that both the samples on which the genetics
>of sex orientation claim was based were very small, and that the
>researchers were under investigation for scientific fraud.

>If so, isn't all this deep speculation rather premature?

Well, we're not discussing the specific genes that are involved, are we?
That's upto the geneticists to discover.

Anyways, the orientation issue is undoubtedly a genetic issue, because
anything that we are destined to get from the moment of birth (hell! from
the moment of conception) are always genetic issues.

Now the only question is which specific set of genes are they? I don't
believe anyone has isolated any such gene sequence yet.

I don't believe the genes are abnormal either. Within our chromosomes we
have some genes that actually produce some work, while other genes are
there simply to trigger these first set of genes to go into action or to
remain dormant. (We also have legacy genes that are leftovers from previous
evolutions, which we are no longer using at the moment, they are dormant
all of the time).

The trigger genes are the sort of things that trigger us into becoming male
or female, for example. Inside all of us is a set of genes to create a
complete male or a complete female human. We only become one or the other
because of these triggers. Once the triggers have done their duty, they are
never needed again, because the proper action genes then go into action or
into dormancy.

Among the triggering genes might be what cause us to get attracted to one
set of sexual features, but to get disgusted by another set. Of course, we
also modify our preferences to our environment.

>Aren't the genetic differences of males and females much much vaster, anyway?

Yeah, but so what? We know what gets triggered when a human becomes male or
female, that's not at issue. What we're trying to find is what gets
triggered to cause attractions.

>Isn't the mental mastubation over supposed genetic origins of sexual
>rather bizzare by comparison with this far better established genetic


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