Re: ABC & racist pseudoscience

Claudio De Diana (
29 Sep 1996 15:39:33 GMT (John Rice Cole) wrote:
>Sept 26th, ABC-TV in the US broadcast a "new" show, "Chariots of the Gods?"
>featuring the totally debunked claims of Erik von Daniken which were published
>and broadcast in the 70's! Von D's claims were not presented with any
>competent archaeological analysis or comment--they would have been blown out
>of the water, of course. Von D's premise that the Mayans, Incas, etc. could
>not have done nifty things without help from outer space is flat-out racist.
>These people are/were thoroughly modern humans as capable as you or I. To
>imply otherwise is pseudoscientific racism.
I strongly support this statment and I would also like to underline
how this people take advantage of poorer populations or less advanced
countries. I wonder if these pseudo-archaelogists (but real idiots)
have ever wondered what a person coming from these countries should feel
in seeing his historical inheritance destroied.
It is a pity that the nowadays descendants of Mayans (or other population
involved) do not have the money to perform a broadcast about the fact
that the Pilgrims Fathers were a bunch of space-aliens and Lincon himself
was an Atlantean.

Best Regards,
Claudio De Diana