Re: human sacrifice

Son of Traven (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 20:50:26 GMT

>humans to the gods Perun, Svarog and Stribog. Is there anyone out there
>who can point me in the direction of historical facts or data for the
>liturgical rites of any of the death cults; Kali worshippers, Incan or
>Aztec, pagan, satanic, or pre-Christian Russia?

Not really. I can tell you that the Celts used to put their victims in giant
baskets and light them on fire. But I do always find it curious that
Christians focus of the evils of human sacrifice in non-Christian cultures (as
a way of trying to demonstrate that Christians are better than everyone
else) but that Christians don't consider burning "heretics" at the stake,
crushing witches under boulders, or committing genocide in the name of God to
be at the same level of evilness as ritual human sacrifice. During the
Crusades, more Christians were killed by Christians than were killed by
infidels. And Christians killed more fellow Christians than they killed

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