human sacrifice

Tiffany Willis (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 23:42:35 -0500

As a student of theology and anthropology I have always been interested
in the topic of human sacrifice. However, very little is written about
it. I have read "The Highest Altar," by Patrick Tierney, who seems to
dwell mostly on the Incan or Aztec practice of human sacrifice. I've
also read "The Stranglers," by George Bruce who gives a first hand
account of the Kali worshipping cults of Thuggee in 19th century India.
Both these books are OK, but give little information as to the liturgy
of the practices. Anyhow, I was reading "Russia," by Harrison E.
Salisbury and on page 22 he mentions that prior to the christianization
of Russia, the Kievan ruler Vladimir I and the Russian people sacrificed
humans to the gods Perun, Svarog and Stribog. Is there anyone out there
who can point me in the direction of historical facts or data for the
liturgical rites of any of the death cults; Kali worshippers, Incan or
Aztec, pagan, satanic, or pre-Christian Russia?