Re: Homosexuality: male & female

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17 Sep 1996 08:52:34 -0600

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Mike/Damon or Peni R. Griffin <> wrote:

>Okay, Bryant, so there are physical correlations to sexual
>preferences, but so what?

The nature of the correlates suggests that early, perhaps prenatal,
development is responsable for sexual orientation. These indicators I
mentioned are discretely distributed. So, I argue that sexual
orientations are also discrete, rather than the continuum some have argued.

>In most cases, defining a person's sexuality is not an
>important thing to do. Until we stop doing it, we are handicapped in
>understanding how human sexuality works.

I disagree. Defining categories of behavior (where behavior is
categorical) and looking for developmental, physical, social, and
ecological correlates is the first step to understanding causation.