Re: Ph.D. Thesis Ideas and Material Available: Not a PhD?

Joe Weckbacher (
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 15:30:00 GMT

"Don E. Mullins" <> wrote:

>Alistair wrote:
>> (Steve Gordon) wrote:
>> ::>Whatever happened to that old tradition that a doctoral candidate is
>> ::>responsible for developing original research ideas and collecting his/her
>> ::>own research material? Do our universities need PhDs who cannot formulate
>> ::>their own research ideas and material?
>> Dunno about your universities, but here in SA we have a university
>> that feels compelled to place advertisements in the press and on the
>> radio (on the TV, too, for all I know) that stridently assert that a
>> Wits degree is "worth more than the paper it's written on".
>> Unfortunately, given the fact that many people have come to view Wits
>> students as barbaric hooligans, and certain of their senior staff as
>> fraudulent liars, this institution is gaining an increasingly
>> unsavoury reputation.
>> I'd say a lack of PhD who cannot formuklate their own research ideas
>> and material is probably a relatively insignificant problem.
>> Alistair Fall.

>All depends on whether they can spell "formulate" I guess.

Why did they put that k right next to the l anyway? Us fat fingered
guys hit both!