Re: culture as gene-flow regulator: the arunta

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Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:13:09 GMT

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>>>Equally universal as an ancient item of culture is totemism.

>>I'm curious to know what you think "universal" means.

>>You have just cited circumcision, which is not universal, and
>>now you are speaking of totemism, which is not universal. So
>>I suppose it makes sense in some way to say that they are
>>equally universal, in that they are both not universal.
>>When you have finished discussion practices that are
>>"equally universal" are you going to discuss some that
>>are "more unique" exhibit, on one metaphorical level or another.

>Features of a prototypical prehistoric culture of which all actual
>prehistoric cultures are literal or metaphorical versions.

What are these archaeological/prehistoric "prototypical features" to which
you refer?



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