Re: Sorry for my unexpected departure
16 Sep 1996 22:29:51 GMT

What? You were in Seattle and didn't look me up???

But...<sniff sniff>...I'm your biggest fan...<whine whine>

Well, I guess I'll forgive you. 8-) It's nice to have you back, Bill. I
did wonder where you had gone off to.

- Janeira (who at 5ft11 is the biggest fan of several people)

In <woody-1309962237060001@>, (William Edward Woody) writes:
>To those of you (all three, I suspect) who missed me for the past
>few weeks, I just wanted to apologise for dropping the threads
>I was participating in.
>For the past few months my wife and I have been working on a
>game for DreamWorks Interactive, who is partically owned by
>Microsoft. And these last two weeks, I found myself wisked off
>to Seattle putting the final touches on the game.
>And didn't have the time to say 'goodbye' to those I was
>holding several interesting conversational threads with.
>Sorry 'bout that.
> - Bill