New "Voices for Evolution" avail.

John Rice Cole (
17 Sep 1996 05:26:59 GMT

The latest issue of *Creation/Evolution* arrived today; it includes an
"insert" of statements accidentally left out of the latest edition of the NCSE
publication, *Voices for Evolution*--and some are very important to note. The
statements supporting evolution education (as opposed to creationism, etc.)
include: The National Association of Biology Teachers, The National Science
Teachers Association (3 diff.), the National Council for Social Studies, and
the National Science Supervisors Association. There are also statements from
other organaizations such as the New York State Education Department and North
Carolina Science Teachers Assoc.

Plus the usual articles mix.

avail. from National Center for Science Education ( for
info) or 800-292-6006.

--John R. Cole