Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?

Lorenzo Love (
19 Sep 1996 19:53:55 GMT (Dan Barnes) wrote:
>I read in this months Fortean Times that they are having Bigfoot hairs DNA
>analysed at Ohio Uni. Anyone know of the results. It is also claimed that a
>Chinese hair analysed bore no resemblance to any known primate.

There seem to be a lot of reports of bigfoot hair going in for analysis,
I rarely hear of any results. It's always "still under investigation".
The one analysis results I did hear about reported that the bigfoot hair
was a artificial fiber often used in theatrical costumes.

>With reference to the identity of the possible hominid:
>Neanderthal: too short but last remains only 27,000 years ago.

Plus Neanderthals were human.

>Gigantopithecus: too tall (14 ft., I think compared to Bigfoots 7 ft.) and last
>remains are in the region of 1 million years old. But there are three sites in
>China where G is found with early human remains (Longuppo being one).
> Dan.

No one knows how tall Gigantopithecus was because no limb bones have been
found. Best guess is 9 to 10 feet, but as this is based on teeth and
jaws, it's just a guess. Reports of bigfoot run from 6 foot to 10 foot
and up. The last remains of Gigantopithecus date from about 400,000 ybp
See Eric Pettifor's excellent site at:

Lorenzo L. Love