Toby Cockcroft (
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 20:48:20 -0400

Some of the crap I have been getting in my e-mail box.

Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 14:16:10, -0500
Subject: Re: Internet Message

Dear Sir:

I'm atounded at just how often you Boasians seem to refuse to
stay out of my box. MY, how I must tantalize thee: orgasm?
Sir, I am a Philosophical fascist! YOU are a BOASIAN fascist!
Or, have I mis-read you & your cohorts who insist that intellectually
gifted/pro-White persons have no freedom of speech? At least I admit
what I am without resorting to infantile idiocy.
I do not mix up science with pseudo-science. I love anthropology,
archaeology, history, music, literature, the theatre -- you know,
good wholesome, White constructs -- et cetera. I simply do not
ascribe to HERD MENTALISM and pop-ideals. Anyone can soak up
information like an intellectual sponge, but only a Philosopher
reaches "self-actualization" and refuses to follow the herd by
weighing ALL of the evidence. I do not deny that there is monumental
non-evidence/evidence to support your/Boasian racial hypothesis. SO
WHAT! Since when did "correlation" equal "causation?" It doesn't.
Furthermore, new research is debunking the current vogue Boasian
theology, and there have been minor steps forward in the study of
RACE. Unfortunately, geneticists cannot practice their infernal art
of discovery very well in the current LIBERAL LYNCH MOB state of
social hysteria. So, progress is slow and arduous. This, however,
does not negate their findings which are viewed by the multicultural
police as "RACIST."
Anyway, I posted publicly in a lawful and respectful manner in an
open-access forum. No one forced you to read my post. If you find
it distasteful, ignore it, such is thy right. BUT since you and your
pals can't, you continue to prove my position(s), whether you CHOOSE
to believe so or not!
I'm sorry for the sloppy paragraphs, but my daughter is sick &
I'm in a rush today.
Anyhow, no I do not present a stunning lack of anthropological
understanding, you simply refuse to intellectually remove yourself
from your "COMFORT ZONE 'Toby'." Nor do I shudder at post-Boasian
"evidence." Such is science. There is always purported "EVIDENCE."
Nature Will out in the End!
Be Scared! I am already internationally respected as a religious
& philosophical social I really have plans for
society! The day of DELIVERANCE jokes and poor childhood remarks
pertaining to pro-White people are over! See in awe the new €on of
the White Race and a new genre of pro-science Racial Dogma! HAIL to
The Rational Racist! ...And the walls come crumbling down!

In nomine dei nostri Luciferi excelsi,
Bright/Dark Blessings in the Promethean Flame!,
Mr. William Gidney

Toby Cockcroft MA Anthropology
Dept. of Anthropology
University of Western Ontario