Janet Gidney (
13 Sep 1996 15:04:45 GMT

The Rational Racist is a new publication which seeks to appeal to today's
anthropologist, the pioneers who shall break away from the
multiculturalistic havoc of Boasian theology (ooops, I mean "theory").
Currently available for $4.50 per issue. The debut issue is now ready
for distribution.

THE RATIONAL RACIST will deal with a myriad of topics of
intellectual/Cultural interest to Europeans and European-Americans, such
as: eugenics, inter/national/White Socialism in the global community
environment of the new age, euthanasia, politics, procreation, abortion,
physics, the collective unconscious, Social Darwinism, aesthetic
terrorism, surrealism, film noir, psychology, metaphysics, sardonic
commentary and essays, et cetera. Not available in stores or from the

Make payments to GIDNEY, at:

Mourning Star Media
(A Division of The Gidney Mission)
P.O. Box 7657
Pt. St. Lucie, FL 34985-7657, USA