Re: X Files anthro? (was Re: if Bigfoot were real what would it be?)

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17 Sep 1996 06:11:21 GMT

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>>What do you think is behind the human need for the paranormal?

Isn't there a professor who wrote about the "Techno-myth", which modern
humans, not having a mythology of their own, invented to replace the need
for unexplainable phenomena. Or is that just something randomly thrown
into a movie I saw because it sounded cool?
Also, I wonder if anyone could help me... I am looking for any texts/journal
articles supporting a creationist view of history. Although I personally
believe in evolution, I like to see what 'the other side' has to say, and in
all my arguments with creationists they constantly quote 'sources' but never disclose them. Any help?
Angstboy in (the) Pitt