Re: Reply to Nicolle

Silke-Maria Weineck (
15 Sep 1996 15:36:25 GMT wrote:
: Nicolle wrote:
: > With all due respect, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GROUND! Your post is just a
: > systematic explanation of why men are superior to women, how women should
: > expect little out of life but to reproduce, and how worthless they really
: > are - all of which is absolutely untrue. Now I will explain to you why.

: The Author responds:

: Now I will explain to you why! The crux of my posts are Economics.
: The reality of the situation which probably goes back to the beginning
: of time is that there is lower Economic demand for the services of
: women relative to men. You can tout the virtues, talents, and even
: superiority of women as much as you want, but you cannot dictate to
: a labor buyer what his perception of worth for women should be. The
: law of supply and demand simply does not work this way because only
: the buyer formulates his own concept of worth AND NO ONE ELSE DOES

What nonsense; we don't live in a world anymore where phyiscal labor is
worth very much; take your testosterone poisoning to a good classroom
about the changes that have occured since the Industrial Revolution.

: > Many women in our society
: > are doing such wonderful, incredible things

: The Author responds:

: If women are doing such wonderful things then why has this country
: in the last three decades of government enforced equality been
: heading straight to the sewers of a third world country?

Do you have any, eh, proof for that? Especially proof for the phenomena
that you qualify as "third world" being enforced by women's participation
in the workforce? I take it you are not referring to crime, since we do
know which sex perpetrates most of that, n'est-ce pas?

: Nicolle wrote:

: > Men do not do any better work than women. That is the most ludicrous thing
: > I have ever heard of. I do not know where you get this conception at, but
: > check your sources and try again.

: The Author responds:

: Well uh, duh? I think it is Nicolle who better check her sources
: again because I never mentioned the quality nor quantity of women's
: work output. (I do mention the nature of women's management style
: in the treatise, and as a result of my experiences and assessments
: in this area, I will forever in the future do my best to avoid being
: in a situation in which I will have to report to a female, AND THIS

Caps are always a manifestation of disingenuity.

: > I know plenty of extremely intelligent
: > women who beat the pants off their male counterparts.

: The Author responds again:

: It makes no difference. If labor buyers do not wish to ascribe
: a greater value to women on the basis of this statement, they
: will not ascribe a greater value to women PERIOD!

Caps again. You're really losing it here.


: The Author responds:

: The reason my race is being driven to extinction is because of
: government enforced equality and the sociological inversions that
: have emerged as a direct result of it, and these are the very
: reasons why wages for the white race are being driven down to
: Third World levels.

Your race is driven to extinction by the realization that there is no
such thing as race. Sorry to be the one to have to break those sad news
to you. Actually, it's fun.

: Nicolle wrote:

: > One question for you - where were the MEN when this damage was taking
: > place?

: The Author responds:

: Men have been kowtowing to the pressures to be politically correct,
: and they have been going through the emasculating process known as
: government enforced equality.

Would that have been the male government?