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: Nicolle wrote:
: > With all due respect, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GROUND! Your post is just a
: > systematic explanation of why men are superior to women, how women should
: > expect little out of life but to reproduce, and how worthless they really
: > are - all of which is absolutely untrue. Now I will explain to you why.

: The Author responds:
: Now I will explain to you why! The crux of my posts are Economics.

And, I cut all the rest BECAUSE this is the crux of the entire issue.

The only fact worth mentioning is that women have become independent,
able to support themselves (albiet at lower salaries than men), and they
therefore have choices and can choose to live independently. And, isn't
that what these posts are actually about? When women can choose
independence rather than putting up with the stinginess, cruelty, or
whatever, of sometimes less-than-desirable spouses, then the men get
whiney and start blaming the women for their own problems.

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