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Thu, 12 Sep 1996 21:22:04 GMT

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>>"If the planned society were to deliberately steer its members past those
>>stresses and conflicts that once gave the destructive phenotypes (aggression,
>>dominance, violence) their Darwinian edge, the other phenotypes
>>(cooperativeness, creativity) might dwindle with them." ([said EO
>Wilson]1975, p. 575). >
>>Substitute "male" for destructive phenotypes and "female" for the other
>>phenotypes, and you have the crux of the problem.

>Wait a minute. Substitute "Black" and "jew" in there, and you can get an
>even nastier implication. OR you could stop putting words in other
>peoples' mouths and try to deal with their points instead.

Whoa yourself and that big Cannonball Express of yours, Bryant! It is your
"rape craving" hypothesis were talking about, not some other "race craving"
notion. It was your contention that sociobiology had no traffic with social
control and social engineering in contrast to Social Darwinism. Before you lay
down another smoke screen to cover your retreat, why don't you address these
contradictions in your own account?

>I think that Ed Wilson's aims sound pretty naive, but what about changing
>social environments to reduce the incidence of aggression, dominance, and
>violence sounds unreasonable to you, exactly?

So you admit to sociobiology's social engineering agenda?

> How does this differ, in
>policy or substance, from those who suggest that reducing the incidence
>of violent stimuli in music and TV might reduce violent behavior in our
>young people?

Depends. If they're not sociobiologists there'd be a world of difference.

>Are people who say such things really to be treated as
>Social Darwinists? 'Seems pretty dishonest to me.

The dishonesty is in your own intellectual canard. To claim that Social
Darwinists are the advocates of policies of social engineering not
sociobiologists is obviously a falsehood. Following this, your previous
attempt to disinvite a relationship between sociobiology and social
engineering and subsequent lame affect at a diversion are simply the
traffickings of a trickster.