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The lovely and talented (Yousuf Khan) wrote:

>>Exclusive, life long homosexuals: 3.7%
>>Exclusively homosexual for three years or more: 6.2%
>Well, this comes out to nearly 10%, maybe that's what I was thinking of.

I think the 10% came from a more dubious sort of statistical
manipulation. 4% were the life-long homosexuals and the
rest was supposed to the part of the population that at any
given time was exclusively homosexual.

>>More homosexual than heterosexual for three years or more: 10.4%
>>Any homosexual contact leading to orgasm: 37%
>>Homosexual arousal/fantasies, no contact: 13%
>>These are just the few figures I recall immediately.
>Are there any overlaps in these numbers?

Well yes, they are inclusive. The 37% is everyone who ever had
a homosexual experience culminating in orgasm -- and that
does include the 10.4% who were more homosexual than heterosexual
for three years or more, which in turn includes 3.7% who were
lifelong, exclusive homosexuals.

>>I don't believe it will soon be financially possible to do an
>>adequate study. Kinsey's figures were so disturbing that sources
>>of research funds are very adverse to any such study again.
>Well considering that we now have sex therapy clinics, planned parenthood
>clinics, pharmaceutical firms doing AIDS research, you'd think there would
>be some market for this information now.

In fact, studies to determine to prevalence of homosexual contacts
among males who are not gay-identified that were proposed to ascertain
the risk of HIV transmission were not funded. I think society really
does not want to know.

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