Re: Anthroplogists, I need advice! Please help me!

Eric Brunner (
11 Sep 1996 16:46:48 GMT wrote:
: It means you're a white male. Ever heard of Affirmative action? It means
: white males not preferred. You are much better off if you are a black or
: other quote unquote "minority" woman when it comes to getting a job.

Do everyone the kindness of starting your own "Redress? What grivance" anti
affirmative action thread, somewhere else, like outside of sci.anth.

There _was_ an honest (and useful) query posted, the poster isn't helped
any by your misuse of him or his post.

If you can't observe this much netiquette, you shouldn't be authoring any
newsgroup's FAQ, and you should know better.

Eric Brunner