Re: Anthroplogists, I need advice! Please help me!

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>> Also, what are the job opportunities for Anthropology? The
>> >history job market is quite bleak!
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>> In Anthropology your prospects are grim, especially with a name like Dan
>> Levine. It's a risky thing to go into it. Do so only if you love
>> anthropology and can't imagine doing anything else. I doubt the job market
>> has been better in anthropology than in history.
>> Jay Bernstein, Ph.D.
>Color me naive. What's wrong with the name "Dan Levine"? (I know you
>don't think there's anything "wrong" with it, but what puts Dan Levine
>at a disadvantage in anthropology?)
> Steve Barnard

I think what he mean was that if you di-on't have a hyphenated name (like
Levi-Strauss or Radcliffe-Brown) or a whole bunch of middle initials then
you have little hope of becoming and anthropologist.

My suggestion is if you really, and I mean really want to do anthropology
then go for it and don't expect to make huge sums of money if any at all.

Also Desmond Morris was not and is not an anthropologist, however, his
critique of cultural anthropology should not be completely ignored. He
does remind us that we are fundamentally an animal, yet we musn't take his
word as gospel. His essentialisation of human culture to simple animal
behaviour does not allow for a creative actor in culture and society.

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